Wedding Rings

Engraving your wedding ring can show how much you care…

Your wedding ring is the ultimate expression of your love and commitment to someone else, but what if you could make it that much more special? At John W. Thompson & Son in Sydney we can help let your partner know how much you love them with a hand engraved message on their wedding ring. Having your wedding band hand engraved not only enhances its aesthetically pleasing nature, but can also heighten the unique connection you share with your partner.

How do I decide what message to put on my ring?

The message you wish to share with your spouse is completely your decision and may have sentimental value. Traditional hand engravings include the names of the bride and groom and their wedding date; however, the possibilities are endless. This is your chance to be creative; select a phrase from a song, poem or religious writing that’s special to you both. Your wedding band is a passionate representation of your partner’s love and a hand engraving will make it even more unique.

Our traditional hand engraving methods add authenticity and flare to your ring…

John W. Thompson is a master hand engraver with more than 50 years experience. John still uses the same methods to engrave as were used in the Middle Ages. There are very few master hand engravers still at work in the world and we aim to keep the craft of hand engraving alive and to pass it on through generations to come. With Master Hand Engravers John W. Thompson and Son, every design is delicately engraved using small engraving chisels. Every scroll and letter is unique in its depth and flourish; this adds style and personality to your engraving. Patterns and monograms, as well as messages and phrases in any language and style of lettering can be hand engraved into your wedding ring.

Our Master Engravers can produce engraved rings in any style for particular taste…

At John W. Thompson and Son we will go above and beyond to engrave your precious metal with a unique message. We typically work with platinum, yellow, white or rose gold; however whatever the unique metal your ring is designed in we can use our traditional methods to produce the message you so desire.  We can supply engraving across all states and also supply our custom hand made and engraved designer rings, seal engraved rings and engagement jewellery pieces overseas, to the U.S.A., the U.K. and other locations internationally.

John has engraved the stationery for most of the Royal Family on copperplate printing plates (Intaglio Engraving). If you’re looking for a traditionally engraved ring that will show your spouse how much you love them then John W. Thompson and Son are the master engravers to make that dream come true.

A historical memory for everyone…

Experts have found that the ‘wedding ring’ began some 4,800 years ago with the ancient Egyptians. Twisting hemp and other natural materials into rings and bangles, Egyptians believed rings were linked with immortal love each having no end. These rings were worn on the fourth finger of the left hand due to the vena amoris, which was more commonly known as the love vein. It was believed that this vein ran directly from that finger to the heart, inevitably linking the couple’s destiny.

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