A reflection on the art of hand engraving…

Hand engraving has been present throughout history and over time has formulated into a distinguished art form. Here at John W. Thompson and Son we use traditional techniques and revel in the historical significance hand engraving has on our industry. To bring a piece of history to a modern accessory or any precious metal can give a unique touch to your item.

The steady hands and skilled technique of the engraver…

Created by the hand of an engraver, utilising specialised instruments; hand engraving enriches the personality of the piece as well as the wearer.

Thehand engraver relies on touch, vision and controlled pressure to precisely cut letters or patterns into hard surfaces. Hand engravers must possess the imagination and rhythm of an artist, the steady hand of a surgeon, as well as an abundance of patience. With Master Hand Engravers, John W. Thompson and Son, every design is delicately engraved using small engraving chisels. Every scroll and letter is unique in its depth and flourish. Patterns, monograms as well as messages and phrases in any language and style of lettering can be hand engraved into your engagement or wedding ring.

Hand engraving is the ultimate style in personalised engagement and wedding rings and makes them more cherished for this reason.

Techniques for your preference…

At John W. Thompson and Son we will engrave any of your precious metals with the personalised image or message you desire. Often we engrave wedding rings, engagement rings, cufflinks and other accessories that are held close to our customers. The history behind the engravers and the meaning of the act itself is unique and cherished here at John W. Thompson and Son. We will explore in more detail the history behind the following techniques:

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