Treat him to custom engraved cufflinks this Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas this year? Give an extra special gift with hand engraved cufflinks…

At John W. Thompson & Son located in Sydney you can treat your partner, father or son to a Christmas present that they are sure to keep forever. Hand engraved cufflinks are a unique way show someone how much you care about them.

Let’s talk a little bit more about the history of cufflinks…

Believe it or not, in one form of another, the cufflink, or ‘sleeve button’, has been a part of men’s wardrobes for over a millennium. Royal families often used cufflinks to mark weddings or other special events. Some historians have even found the presence of cufflinks within ancient Egyptian paintings.

Today the fashion accessory is still carried forward with some people holding onto the custom that a man should never buy his own cufflinks, but that they should always be gifts meant to mark an occasion. This practice is said to reflect the medieval cufflink history, more specifically to the time when they were made almost exclusively as items meant to commemorate royal affairs.

Today cufflinks are still a popular and great gift for groomsmen and are often treasured just the same as they were by families in the medieval era. Often the set of cufflinks is passed-down from a grandfather, or given by a best friend at his wedding and might solely rely on such pieces for formal affairs, and special occasions.

Engraved cufflinks add extra special sentiment to your Christmas gift…

For Christmas this month give a gift that will be treasured for generations to come. At John W. Thompson and Son we are here to help you decide on a custom message for your cuff links. Often deciding on something special to say can be overwhelming which is why we are here to help you decide on a unique design for your special Christmas gift. With more than 50 years we have seen it all and can help you come up with something creative.

The process for hand engraving your cufflinks…

Hand engraving can be traced back through history for centuries and over time has become a unique distinguished art form, which has produced treasured valuables and family keepsakes. Not only does hand engraving represent the personality of the unique piece, it reflects the personality of the engraver and the person wearing it also.

At John W. Thompson and Son we use traditional techniques, which requires us to rely on touch, vision and skilful pressure to cut the letters or patterns into hard surfaces and precious metals. It is said that hand engravers must have knowledge and skill in more than just one talent; they must use the imagination and rhythm of an artist, with the steady hand of a doctor as well as patience. With Master Hand Engravers John W. Thompson and Son, every design is skilfully designed and marked using small engraving chisels. Every design and letter is crafted carefully by the Master Engravers. Patterns, monograms as well as messages and phrases in any language and style of lettering can be hand engraved into your cufflinks.

This year, don’t leave your Christmas gifts to the last minute, give a gift that has meaning. At John W. Thompson and Son located in Sydney, we will help you design the perfect pair of cufflinks to let him know that you love and care about him. If you are celebrating something extra special over the holidays, consider giving engraved cufflinks for him to where for that special day.

For more information on engraved cufflinks or other accessories please don’t hesitate to call 02 9233 3520 or contact us online.

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