Hand Crafting

Handcrafting rings for your enjoyment…

At John W. Thompson & Son in Sydney we pride ourselves on using traditional methods to handcraft authentic rings, jewellery and accessories that will stay with you forever. A handcrafted gift or keepsake is a special possession because not only does it speak a personal message but each marking has had the time taken to individually sculpt its meaning.

A handcrafted keepsakes says more then just the message engraved…

Hand engraving creates a timeless heirloom your family will enjoy for generations. As our client you are closely involved in the design process – enabling us to craft the piece that best represents you. By selecting words or a phrase which best describes your relationship, you will ensure your precious piece will never date. Whether you choose to make your engraving a gift or a treat to yourself it is a timeless representation of something significant in your life.

The method of handcrafting your personal memento is unique and specialised…

Hand engraving, also sometimes called ‘push engraving’ has been in use almost since civilization began. Hand engraving is almost self-explanatory in that Master Engravers do just that, engrave messages with their hands.  The method involves using a sharp tool to gouge or push into a piece of material to make a marking. You can imagine stone-age humans using this method of engraving to make marks and drawings on cave walls that are often studied today.

Achieving the precise design and marking is an extremely difficult technique to master. A Master Engraver must rely primarily on touch, vision and the steady pressure to accurately cut letters or patterns into hard surfaces. With Master Hand Engravers John W. Thompson and Son’s skilled techniques, every design is delicately engraved using this method ensuring its authenticity and individualism. Patterns, monograms as well as messages and phrases in any language and style of lettering can be hand engraved into your chosen precious metal.

You can pick the item, design and surface for your engraving…

The process that you will undergo at John W. Thompson & Son will include a consultation to discuss and design the handcrafted keepsake of your choice. We often engrave the following precious metals, however you can bring any surface to your consultation to have us handcraft your unique design into the surface:

After you have decided on the surface you wish to have engraved we will help with the design. Some clients have a design or message already picked out, however for those who are unsure we can work with you to develop a custom engraving. Our goal is to make the process as easy for you as possible while achieving handcrafted gems of the highest quality and beauty.

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