Looking for the ultimate way to declare your love? A hand engraved ring may be the ticket!

Choosing to propose to your loved one can be a very exciting time in your life.

The engagement ring you choose for your significant other is a symbol and declaration of love and the commitment you publicly share. Naturally, we all want to impress and dazzle our partner when the moment to pop the question arrives. This is about the time we start to conjure up a million different ways to make that moment unique, special and remembered forever.

Hand engraved engagement rings are often considered the ultimate declaration of love. At John W. Thompson and Son in Sydney we specialise in traditional hand engraving and unique handmade custom rings.


Made with love…

This is where our dedicated team, specialising in the craftsmanship of hand engraved custom rings can help. What could be more thoughtful than displaying a loving sentiment that you and your partner share. Perhaps it’s a phrase, a single word or dates and initials. It could be a coded message that only you and your partner understand.

Since Christmas is a popular time of year to pop the question, here at John W. Thompson and Son in Sydney we think it’s only fitting to share with you a few tips with engraving ideas to help you create your special message, and perhaps spark a little inspiration along the way.

Say it with love…

Tip # 1 Initials and wedding date – for brides and grooms who prefer a classic approach, this engraving never goes out of fashion. There should be room for at least your first names, but you can use initials if space is tight and depending on your preference.

Tip # 2 Forever… a very simple word with an important meaning.

Tip # 3 Engrave a message in Latin or another language that might mean something to the both of you, making the sentiment more personal to you and your spouse. For example,’ Amor Vincit Omnia’ is a Latin phrase for love conquers all.

Tip # 4 What lyrics are meaningful to you and your significant other?  Are they short enough to engrave inside your wedding rings? For example – “all you need is love”.

Tip # 5 Is there a special name you refer to you partner other than his actual name? Brides and grooms sometimes engrave each other’s nicknames inside their wedding rings.

Tip # 6 Intertwine spiritual or religious references into your declaration of love by choosing a portion of a phrase or verse that’s significant to your religion.

Tip # 7 Perhaps words are not your thing? As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. In this instance we are referring to symbols – think a heart, the symbol for eternity—our highly talented Master Engravers here at John W. Thompson and Son can add an intricate symbol to the inside of your engagement band with accuracy and precision.

Tip # 8 A Coded message that is special to you can also be a very thoughtful way to express your love and care for your future spouse.

Immortalise your love by engraving your special sentiments on the symbol of love that you can both cherish forever.

Supported by advanced technology and executed with precision, our skilful engravers can take your handwriting and carve it onto the inside, or outside of your engagement ring. It is our commitment to quality, precision and attention to detail that will make your engraved wedding ring unique and admired by your partner forever.

Oh, and congratulations on popping the question!

For more information about our hand engraved engagement rings visit us at our Sydney shop, call 61 (02)9233 3520 or contact us online. 

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