We use traditional sealing methods to make your seal authentic…

At W. Thompson & Son in Sydney we use traditional sealing methods to ensure your seal is authentic and functional. A family seal ring is one of the oldest forms of identifying a particular family from another. Traditionally seals were used for creating wax seals on documents, and the use of seal rings actually dates back over three thousand years ago. Today the revival of seal signet rings is becoming increasingly popular with families celebrating their ancestry and creating new family heirlooms.

Why are seals engraved backwards?

Traditional seal rings were engraved in reverse to give a positive three-dimensional impression for the letter or envelope. At W. Thompson & Son we follow this traditional method to make your seals functional, which means if you want to seal a letter or envelope with your new seal ring, it will produce the correct impression.

The process of creating your custom seal…

The traditional method is to engrave all the details of your arms in a negative so that the signet ring makes a positive three-dimensional impression in a wax seal. During the engraving process we use traditional hand engraving methods with small engraving chisels and touch to meticulously design the crest. What sets apart seal engravings from regular hand engravings is the definition of the marking. The seal designs are made much deeper than traditional two dimensional hand engravings, with a third or fourth dimension added to make the seal deeper and finer. With a deeper mark this will ensure the design can fill with wax and produce the markings within the wax. This often takes the Master Engraver much more time to achieve and is normally engraved by more mature hand engravers. With John and Peter’s many years of experience they have the skills to make these markings to achieve a fully functional seal.

While the method is traditional the purpose of seal engraved signet rings often changes over the years…

Today we can engrave seals or signet rings with any design you desire, it doesn’t have to be a traditional family crest anymore. We have a range of designs available and the option of working with John or Peter to custom design your own signet ring from scratch is available to all customers. As our client you are closely involved in the design process – enabling us to craft the piece that best represents you. This process starts with a personal design consultation with a master hand engraver where we can decide on the design that best suits you. If you want something more traditional we can help design or copy your family crest or coat of arms.

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