Engraved Rings

Traditional methods with a modern look…

At John W. Thompson & Son we still use the same methods to engrave as were used in the Middle Ages. Every design is delicately hand engraved using small engraving chisels. Each scroll and letter is unique in its depth and flourish. Your ring is of course custom, so we will work through designs with you and develop the personalised look that you wish to achieve.

Hand engraving lasts for generations, meaning your precious engagement and wedding rings may become a timeless family heirloom. At John W. Thompson & Son we pride ourselves on crafting treasures of today, family heirlooms of tomorrow and antiques of the future.

It’s all about you and the look you want…

When deciding to customise your rings, choosing the right message can be difficult, however we can work with you to create your dream message and dream ring. At John W. Thompson & Son we offer the following services to make your hand engraved ring extra special:

Hand engraving has been used throughout history and over time has formulated into a distinguished art form. Created by the hand of an engraver and using specialised instruments and tools, hand engraving can enrich the personality of the piece as well as the wearer.

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