Master engravers John W. Thompson & Son stick to tradition…

John W. Thompson & Son are Master Hand Engravers with more than 58 years experience. They are still using the same methods to engrave as were used in the Middle Ages. With a family history in the industry, engraving is in their blood with their ancestor the famed 18th century hand engraver William Hogarth.

We follow traditional engraving methods at John W. Thompson and Son…

The traditional methods used by hand engravers has them relying on touch, vision and controlled pressure to precisely cut the engraving into the particular surface. With Master Hand Engravers John W. Thompson and Son, every design is delicately engraved using small engraving chisels. Whatever design, emblem or personalised message and phrase you desire can be engraved in any language and style of lettering. The methodology, while similar for most piece,s varies depending on the purpose of the engraving. We can differentiate between two commonly used techniques including:

Traditional engraving methods ensure authenticity…

At John W. Thompson & Son in Sydney we believe in using traditional methods to engrave our seal signet rings, wedding rings and engagement rings. The traditional methods produce quality engravings with more meaning and sentimental value.

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